SIPTG 241: Mech Dude (1/02/2021)

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SIPTG 203: You Need… Powah? (2/03/2020)

Not even the Coronavirus can stop the SIPTG podcast! This week: GDC is postponed, the Xbox Series X is detailed further, Graham experiences satisfactory Satisfactory progress, what CD Projekt Red are worth, and much, much more!‬

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SIPTG 202: Engineering: The Video Game (24/02/2020)

New games abound this week on the SIPTG podcast! Join the boys as Graham takes an accidental ‘trip’ to India while buying new games, and Steve goes for a bit of a wander. Also, getting to the bottom of the newest global pandemic, acquisitions and reverse acquisitions, and a bit of Star Wars news for all the Trekkies out there!‬

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SIPTG 201: Altruistic Thievery (17/02/2020)

Hopefully you’re able to hear this episode, after technical issues caused by Steve make Graham’s job a lot harder! This week, should you Split or Steal, throw sonic booms, stream Activision games, or try to do some Division? Find out the answers to these questions, and more!

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SIPTG 200: Make Sure Marcus Has His Doo-Rag! (10/02/2020)

A shorter episode for the boys this week, as things have been a little quiet, but there’s still stuff to talk about. From leavings in the industry, to the releases of Q1 2020, there’s still plenty of that #content to engage with!

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Intro and Games: -> 31m52s

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