SIPTG 244: Choo choo! (22/02/2021)

It happened! Steve’s PC is finally built! Bet you can’t guess what he’s played on it… Also, Graham gets all Cpt. Holt with his love for trains, Blizzard & Nintendo announce some stuff, more stupid Epic business, more stupid Stadia business, and just more!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 22m53s

News: 22m53s -> 1h22m59s
Beginning of the End: 1h22m59s ->

SIPTG 231: Crowbar to the Knee (05/10/2020)

Steve’s on holidays, and Graham’s a cowboy again this week on the SIPTG podcast. Also this week: the WWE is terrible (surprise!), Yves is trying to fix Ubisoft, hockey is back, and a new Spider-Man controversy is here to rival Puddle-Gate: Holland-Gate!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 33m6s

News: 33m6s -> 1h2m24s
Beginning of the End: 1h2m24s ->

SIPTG 204: Forge Is Super-Dead (9/03/2020)

This week, we are a podcast in mourning – we come together to mourn the loss of Forge :disappointed: But we get over that pretty quickly to talk about the continued impact of the coronavirus, streaming services business progresses (and what not to do), release dates reveals, and plenty more! Join us to catch the (Track)MANIA!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 31m46s

News: 31m46s -> 1h8m18s
Beginning of the End: 1h8m18s ->

SIPTG 197: Mood Lighting For The Map (2/12/2019)

In the penultimate episode for 2019, Graham and Steve talk about how they’re getting ready for GOTY by checks notes playing games from 4 years ago! Besides that, there’s also talk of The Outer Worlds, acquisitions, Valve’s hardware business, Stadia issues (again…), and plenty more!

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 38m14s

News: 38m14s -> 1h20m31s
Beginning of the End: 1h20m31s ->

SIPTG 196: Saame Network (25/11/2019)

As we move towards the end of 2019, the news well is starting to run dry, but fear not: the boys will always find something to talk about! This week, news on Stadia’s disappointing launch, a new Half-Life game, The Game Awards nominees, and first impressions on Disney+!

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 17m59s

News: 17m59s -> 53m32s
Beginning of the End: 53m32s ->

SIPTG 195: Kestis Flask (18/11/2019)

Graham becomes one with the Fallen Order this week on the SIPTG podcast. Outside of Graham’s burgeoning career as a Jedi, there’s a whole lot of talk on Microsoft, that new Atari thing, translation quirks, new movie news, and much more!

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 26m59s

News: 26m59s -> 1h11m19s
Beginning of the End: 1h11m19s ->

SIPTG 178: Sickly Objection (1/07/2019)

It’s Steve’s turn to be sick, and he picked a great week for it too, with a bunch of news and Q3’s big releases to discuss! Graham gets all Judgement-y, Steve does some Moonlighting, and there’s talk of crunch (again), Stadia (again), and battle royales (again)!

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 23m13s

News: 23m13s -> 1h11m25s
Beginning of the End: 1h11m25s ->

SIPTG 175: E3 2019 preview presented by The Loud Man (9/06/2019)

Ya boys are back in the building to talk all things E3, including all of the important pre-show leaks, news, and announcements, before launching into another year’s predictions! What do we get right (probably not much…)? What do we get wrong (likely a lot…)? Join us to find out!

Show Notes:
Intro and pre e3 News: ->39m12s
Microsoft: 39m12s -> 1h9m35s
Bethesda: 1h9m35s -> 1h1613s
Ubisoft: 1h16m13s -> 1h40m17s
Microsoft (Part 2): 1h40m17s -> 1h45m58s
Square Enix: 1h45m58s -> 1h57m38s
Nintendo: 1h57m38s-> 2h6m5s
General and final thoughts: 2h6m5s ->

SIPTG 164: Gamin’ in a Stadia (25/03/2019)

With Graham STILL wandering around Ancient Greece, it’s up to GDC to provide some content to converse about! And it delivers, with the boys waxing lyrical on Google stream dreams, Epic’s Game Store goin’ gangbusters, and Sony & Microsoft getting Direct with the people!

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 22m50s

News: 22m50s -> 1h1m53s
Beginning of the End: 1h1m53s ->