SIPTG 245: The Llamanati! (01/03/2021)

Steve and Graham do their best to fight off the stupid this week, as the *sigh* Llamanati has infiltrated the video game world and given us news of the rumoured cancellation of the physical version of E3, the confirmed cancellation of Anthem NEXT, delays to a number of other titles, and a whole bunch of Sony news!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 24m23s

News: 24m23s -> 1h5m43s
Beginning of the End: 1h5m43s ->

SIPTG Special – Known Shippable: The Cyberpunk-cast (21/12/2020)

What a time it’s been – the sheer scale of the mess around Cyberpunk’s release means that we had to look at it all in its own episode, so that’s what we did! We run through the timeline of events leading to the garbage fire of year, and what it might all mean for the industry going forward.‬

Timeline used for this episode:

SIPTG 232: Because Hey, Keanu Reeves (12/10/2020)

Another week of holidays for Steve means a lot of games played, but there’s also plenty of news this week too! A massive PS5 drop, Bugsnax, Crucible’s death, a whole bunch of layoffs, and the Need.. For Speed… remaster that was announced!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 33m41s

News: 33m41s -> 1h48m19s
Beginning of the End: 1h48m19s ->

SIPTG 229: The Polioing (21/09/2020)

A busy week on the news front this week for the boys, with a whole bunch of new information on the PS5 launch surfacing – and a whole bunch of new questions that go along with it. The boys sift through all of that noise, as well as the latest chapter of Slap-Fight 2020, messy pre-orders, Michel Ancel, the new Nintendo stream, and plenty more!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 14m46s

News: 14m46s -> 1h23m22s
Beginning of the End: 1h23m22s ->

SIPTG 223: Tire Fire Adjacent (10/08/2020)

Blaseball is the new hotness ’round these parts, as the lads pay tribute to the all-mighty Commissioner, the numerous stories contributing to the growing tire fire that is some corners of the video game industry, Grim Dawn’s XP track, an email (!!!) and plenty more! Let’s go Shoe Thieves!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 32m35s

News: 32m35s -> 1h33m4s
Beginning of the End: 1h33m4s ->

SIPTG 221: Acid-Based Cricket Rules (27/07/2020)

Another non-E3 event is in the books! Ubisoft is still on fire! Gabe Newell is awesome! FIFA 20 is getting a sequel! These are just some of the stories the boys look at on this week’s SIPTG podcast! There’s more they talk about as well, so plenty for the ears to gobble up!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 22m4s

News: 22m4s -> 1h47m45s
Beginning of the End: 1h47m45s ->

SIPTG 220: You Want AI? Fine! (20/07/2020)

A quieter news week suggests a shorter episode, but nope! The boys still have plenty to talk about on this week’s SIPTG podcast, including predictions for the Xbox Games Showcase, Steve’s frustrations with a Train of Monsters, Graham’s French murder mystery adventures, delays, releases, and how to be ‘interesting’ and ‘consistent’ at the same time.‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 35m53s

News: 35m53s -> 1h58m15s
Beginning of the End: 1h58m15s ->

SIPTG 202: Engineering: The Video Game (24/02/2020)

New games abound this week on the SIPTG podcast! Join the boys as Graham takes an accidental ‘trip’ to India while buying new games, and Steve goes for a bit of a wander. Also, getting to the bottom of the newest global pandemic, acquisitions and reverse acquisitions, and a bit of Star Wars news for all the Trekkies out there!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 40m12s

News: 40m12s -> 1h9m41s
Beginning of the End: 1h9m41s ->

SIPTG 199: Honks Are Good (3/02/2020)

In Episode 1 proper of 2020, the boys catch up on what they’ve done during the break, and on all of the big stories that happened during their time off! From delays, to ESAs, and everything in between, there’s plenty to talk about!

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 51m26s

News: 51m26s -> 1h39m9s
Beginning of the End: 1h39m9s ->

SIPTG 198: Mini For A Lambo (16/12/2019)

It’s the last episode of 2019! There’s still a lot that’s happened though, including trains, cars, The Game Awards, Sony and Nintendo’s video streams, baseball going multi-platform, and much more! Happy Holidays!

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 30m21s

News: 30m21s -> 1h52m
Beginning of the End: 1h52m ->