SIPTG 230: English On! (28/09/2020)

Things are all topsy-turvy this week, as Graham takes over hosting duties and professionalism (kind of) ensues. The big ticket, $7.5b acquisition of Bethesda is obviously looked over, but so is Ubisoft’s continued errors, Blizzard 2.0, Amazon’s streaming service the (new) Spider-Man fiasco, and what’s still to come in 2020!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 24m36s

News: 24m36s -> 1h35m46s
Beginning of the End: 1h35m46s ->

SIPTG 229: The Polioing (21/09/2020)

A busy week on the news front this week for the boys, with a whole bunch of new information on the PS5 launch surfacing – and a whole bunch of new questions that go along with it. The boys sift through all of that noise, as well as the latest chapter of Slap-Fight 2020, messy pre-orders, Michel Ancel, the new Nintendo stream, and plenty more!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 14m46s

News: 14m46s -> 1h23m22s
Beginning of the End: 1h23m22s ->

SIPTG 228: Anti Delay (14/09/2020)

A whole bunch of news this week, and most of it is actually good news! Well, once you get past Apple’s & Epic’s slap-fight… The Microsoft machines have prices and dates (and maybe even a couple of games!), a PS5 event is incoming, and even Ubisoft (mostly) kept out of their own way as well! All of this, plenty of other news items, other games stuff, and what the opposite of a delay is to talk about! Fun times all ’round!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 17m10s

News: 17m10s -> 1h7m4s
Beginning of the End: 1h7m4s ->

SIPTG 227: Coincidence Things (7/09/2020)

Following a week that has been far less garbage fire-y than the last few have been, the boys reconvene in the digital board room to spit game on being Death’s ferry master, monsters and trains, Gods and Monsters, Mario’s upcoming birthday, and a whole bunch more!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 29m11s

News: 29m11s -> 1h1m41s
Beginning of the End: 1h1m41s ->