Game of the Year 2019

The boys are back for another year! But before jumping into 2020 proper, they first need to handle all of the business of Game of the Year! Check out all of the best that 2019 had to offer, and the deliberations to arrive at those decisions!‬‬

Show Notes:
Intro: -> 4m0s
Best Non-2019 Game: 4m0s ->
Best Auditory Experience: 10m27s ->
Best Public Transport/Waiting Room Distraction: 23m19s ->
Best Game We Didn’t Get Time To Finish: 28m25s ->
Best New Thing: 40m36s ->
Spring Breakers’: 56m1s ->
Steve’s Album of the Year: 1h2m26s ->
Graham’s Top Ten: 1h8m36s ->
Viewing of the Year: 1m28m35s ->
Best Comfort Game: 1h38m58s ->
Graham’s Sporting Moment of the Year: 1h47m40s ->
Steve’s Top 10: 2h1m37s ->
Best Game Name, Presented by Budi: 2h11m32s ->
Best Looking Game: 2h20m20s ->
Best New Character: 2h40m36s ->
Best Moment/Mission: 2h58m27s ->
Site Top 10: 3h47m17s ->
Outro: 4h0m30s