SIPTG 196: Saame Network (25/11/2019)

As we move towards the end of 2019, the news well is starting to run dry, but fear not: the boys will always find something to talk about! This week, news on Stadia’s disappointing launch, a new Half-Life game, The Game Awards nominees, and first impressions on Disney+!

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 17m59s

News: 17m59s -> 53m32s
Beginning of the End: 53m32s ->

SIPTG 195: Kestis Flask (18/11/2019)

Graham becomes one with the Fallen Order this week on the SIPTG podcast. Outside of Graham’s burgeoning career as a Jedi, there’s a whole lot of talk on Microsoft, that new Atari thing, translation quirks, new movie news, and much more!

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 26m59s

News: 26m59s -> 1h11m19s
Beginning of the End: 1h11m19s ->

SIPTG 194: Poopin` Out Gooigi (11/11/2019)

Finally, a slow news week! But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to talk about. No, no, no! This week, there’s more Outer Worlds talk, plus shaky streams, Graham’s uncertainty towards Death Stranding, collusion, and plenty more!

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 1h1m58s

News: 1h1m58s -> 1h1544s
Beginning of the End: 1h1544s ->

SIPTG 193: I’d Be Curious… (4/11/2019)

Another week, and another swathe of news to discuss! That’s right! Games news in November! This week, Graham and Steve are curious about Blizzcon, EA games going back to Steam, what’s happening in The Outer Worlds, and so much more!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 36m57s

News: 36m57s -> 1h28m35s
Beginning of the End: 1h28m35s ->