SIPTG 177: Star Treks Makes No Senses (24/06/2019)

The first week after E3 is often a quiet time, but fortunately Graham and Steve find some ‘surprise mechanics’ to keep them entertained! Amid talks of LEGO cars, Batman & Ninja Turtles, and (not) learning from Telltale’s history, while everything is most certainly NOT awesome, there’s amusement still to be had!

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 37m28s

News: 37m28s -> 1h0m18s
Beginning of the End: 1h0m18s ->

SIPTG 176: E3 2019 Review: Out Now (17/06/2019)

E3 is in the rear view, so now it’s time to talk about what was shown! Graham and Steve go over all of the announcements from Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Square-Enix, and Nintendo, as well as their impressions of it all! What was good? What was awful? And who won? Find out!‬

Show Notes:
Intro: ->2m2s
Microsoft: 2m2s -> 43m20s
Bethesda: 43m20s -> 1h3m27s
Ubisoft: 1h3m27s -> 1h25m35s
Square Enix: 1h25m35s -> 1h42m7s
Nintendo: 1h42m7s-> 2h1m30s
Wrap up: 2h1m30s->

SIPTG 175: E3 2019 preview presented by The Loud Man (9/06/2019)

Ya boys are back in the building to talk all things E3, including all of the important pre-show leaks, news, and announcements, before launching into another year’s predictions! What do we get right (probably not much…)? What do we get wrong (likely a lot…)? Join us to find out!

Show Notes:
Intro and pre e3 News: ->39m12s
Microsoft: 39m12s -> 1h9m35s
Bethesda: 1h9m35s -> 1h1613s
Ubisoft: 1h16m13s -> 1h40m17s
Microsoft (Part 2): 1h40m17s -> 1h45m58s
Square Enix: 1h45m58s -> 1h57m38s
Nintendo: 1h57m38s-> 2h6m5s
General and final thoughts: 2h6m5s ->

SIPTG 174: Big Khaaaaaaaaaan! (3/06/2019)

It’s the week before E3, but all sorts of creatures are stirring in this house! Join the boys as they discuss golf, moose men, a new Call of Duty, Bastards of the Void, and the surprise of Hideo Kojima’s new game actually coming out!

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 46m32s

News: 46m32s -> 1h17m9s
Beginning of the End: 1h17m9s ->