SIPTG 136: Platniumed! (28/05/2018)

For the last time, for at least some time, the boys bid adieu to the lands of Asgard. This fond farewell is mixed in with tales of a State in Decay, the wilds of the local arcade, the PGA’s new home, and the defining of the phrase ‘final phase’.

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 37:05

News: 37:05 -> 58:04
Beginning of the End: 58:04 ->

SIPTG 135: De-Laze (21/05/2018)

A quiet, lazy week on the game-playing front ensures the lads have nothing to talk right? WRONG! Between delays, Deadpool’s sequel, early E3 announcements, and the final days of both the Vita and Boss Key, there’s plenty to ‘ave a chinwag about! ‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 17:52

News: 17:52 -> 51:53
Beginning of the End: 51:53 ->

SIPTG 134: A Leaky Canoe (14/05/2018)

As their travels around ancient Norse lakes come to an end, the lads need new distractions! And they find some this week! Between spy parties, the leaky nature of the video game industry, and radical shareware from back in the day, there’s still a whole bunch to see and do!‬‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 29:34

News: 29:34 -> 1:03:32
Beginning of the End: 1:03:23 ->

SIPTG 133: We Goin’ To The Hall! (07/05/2018)

And just like that, the news well has run dry. A shorter episode this week, but you can still join the lads for more God of War, the announcement of the new Video Game Hall of Fame inductees, Dave Bautista’s acting chops, and yet more wrestling!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 25:03

News: 25:03 -> 37:59
Beginning of the End: 37:59 ->