Episode 109 – 28/08/2017

The drought is OVAH! An influx of news items and new releases sees Graham and Steve talk about pre-order nightmares, island spiciness, Gamescom wrap-ups, and another round of ‘Should I Play This Game?’ for the rest of calendar 2017!
Apologies for the sound issues in this episode.

Show Notes:
Intro and what we have been playing : 00:00 – 33:34

News: 33:34 – 1:17:55
Beginning of the End: 1:17:55 – 1:54:24

Episode 108 – 21/08/2017

Steve and Graham return from an island in the Soviet Seas, taking a break from murder and spiciness, to expound upon Battlegrounds, idle incremental experiences of yore (and now), fiscal responsibility, and eSports ‘distractions’. ‬‬‬

Episode 107 – 07/08/2017

Could the news drought be ending? Could Graham find an iOS game to play on his upcoming trip? Could Steve go an episode without making wrestling references? Could lawsuits get dumber? Could games be coming out again? Find out on this week’s podcast!‬‬