Episode 87 – 26/09/2016

A quiet week for the lads, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to talk about on this week’s SIPTG podcast! This week: rising iron, ReCore, moral quandaries, a new nominee for a prestigious category emerges, and a new round of rapid-fire SIPTG!

Episode 86 – 19/09/2016

The SIPTG podcast is literally sick this week as Graham returns from a week in the nation’s capital! The lads gather to discuss football dominance, filmic viewings, shoddy lawsuits, delays by the boatload, and Sony’s Pro-level techno-faux pas!

Episode 85 – 05/09/2016

After rescheduled travel, the SIPTG is going full-steam ahead with a ‘special’ ‘guest’! Join the boys as they talk about ridiculous laptops, lawsuit victories, Nintendo being not-so-direct, and what to do when you have travel to plan for!