Episode 65 – 21/02/2016

With Mike not present, whatever will we do about the lack of NZ accents? Never mind that! Paul, Graham, and Steve have more pressing matters to discuss! Like season passes, the next great fighting game player, and the DICE awards! Join us… In the hole!

Episode 64 – 14/02/2016

We’re a (different) man down again this week, but that won’t stop us from talking about what Mike’s witnessed, what Graham’s unraveled, and the dogs Steve woke up. We also go deep on betas, Internet stupidity (again), and celebrity exhibitions! Join us!

Episode 63 – 07/02/2016

We’re a man down, but that’s not going to stop the SIPTG podcast! Paul, Graham, and Steve gather to discuss recording sound, Internet piracy, wrestling terribleness (again), celebrity challenges, and Rocket League (again). It’s the bee’s knees!