Episode 60 – 20/12/2015

The SIPTG podcast fights through the heat of the Aussie Summer to bring you the last podcast of 2015! Join the lads to discuss Mike’s burgeoning football career, rocket science and leagues, and the inescapable force that is Star Wars. Merry Xmas!

Episode 59 – 13/12/2015

An enhanced edition of the SIPTG podcast sees the two-man fireteam of Graham and Steve continue to engage in a Just Cause, broken internets, trying to sit on a nuclear throne, surprise releases, slow news weeks, and an email!

Episode 58 – 06/12/2015

Check out this week’s SIPTG podcast if you don’t wanna miss a thang! This week, the boys get dangerously elite, engage in a just cause, dig in to yet another food nightmare, and check in with the two big shows that close out 2015!