Episode 49 – 27/09/2015

A fresh 4-man rotation comes off the bench for this week’s SIPTG podcast! Join the lads as they muse over a variety of Kickstarter shenanigans, endless Destinying, ‘original’ game genre mash-ups, and unhappy voice actors. All this, and a packet of chips!

Episode 48 – 20/09/2015

There’s no Mike or Paul, but there is a lot of Destiny in this week’s SIPTG podcast! Join Steve and Graham as they spin tales of Taken Kings, big decisions from Konami and GameStop, wrestling temples, and much more. Join us won’t you? #BloodOutTheButthole

Episode 47 – 13/09/2015

The International Businessman is out Businessing, so Graham, Paul, and Steve convene to talk about everything Destiny 2.0, the continuing pandemic that is the Kojima Fever, GOTY standoffs, and the idiocy that is video game theme parks. #READAPT

Episode 46 – 06/09/2015

Paul’s come down with Kojima fever, so Graham, Mike, and Steve are left to mull over dumb preorder incentives, eESPN, the importance of spell check, and the lengths people will go to for history! Preorder your digital copy of the SIPTG podcast today!