Episode 45 – 30/08/2015

Which of Q4’s big games should you actually care about? Find out on the SIPTG podcast! The guys also work out Paul’s pitch for Video Game Shark Tank, the odds of an eSports Olympics, and the cheapest way to Rock. Plus: Mike jumps to the dark side #YOLOMAN

Should I Play This Game YouTube Channel
Rocket League Test: 1 on 1 – Steve vs Mike

Episode 44 – 23/08/2015

Mike has (mostly) overcome the horrors of the modern cold and Paul also returns for a full, four-man show! Join the lads and hear about what to do when you take sick days while you’re actually sick, the continuing adventures of the Batman, what to do with Call of Duty, and the release season has started proper. Mike also considers taking the plunge on a PlayStation 4 (and, more importantly, Destiny!). Come along and join us won’t you? #ChinaDontCare

Should I Play This Game YouTube Channel
Rocket League Test: 1 on 1 – Steve vs Mike

Rocket League 1 v 1 video is now online!

Last night, Steve and I decided to test whether or not cross-platform Rocket League would work. We also decided that we should try and record it, for what would become our very first piece of video content! The whole thing was thrown together pretty quickly, and all done with open source tools. The quality and editing might not be up there with some of the other gaming videos on YouTube, but we’re pretty stoked to be able to do it. We’ll only figure out how to make better videos from here, much like we did with the podcast, so expect the State of Origin Rocket League match to have some real production values.

Check it out! And please, tell your friends if you like it. You know the drill.

Episode 43 – 16/08/2015

With all special promotional considerations addressed, Graham and Steve talk about ridiculous stealth fail-states, the seemingly never-ending PR nightmare that is Konami, and yet another rant, this time extolling the foolishness of the internet’s over-inflated sense of entitlement. Come for the news, stay for the stories! #DiscStorm4GOTY

Episode 42 – 09/08/2015

What is the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything? Why, it’s the Should I Play This Game podcast of course! Join Mike, Steve, and Graham as they mull over all things Gamescom, pathetic excuses for mainstream journalism, updates for some of 2015’s biggest releases, and Graham’s twisted, self-defeating attempt to play movie bingo. Don’t four-get two listen in!

Some pretty dumb Palmer Luckey cover jokes

Episode 41 – 02/08/2015

Rocket League has taken hold of the boys collectively in ways that few games have, so have a listen to the trash-talking coming from a certain someone as the road to SIPTG State of Origin kicks in to the next gear. But, hey, why not stay for the discussion of DMCAs as the new form of corporate/customer trolling, a truly objective appraisal of Angry Birds 2, and the completely confounding security lapse in Valve’s password changing system. All this and more! #CanadianCountryKitchen