Episode 36 – 28/06/2015

It’s the week after E3, so not much has happened. But what has happened has got Steve hopping mad! Have a listen as Steve rants on (again) about the pricing of The Taken King and the boys try to provide an autopsy on Batman’s flaming/charred corpse on PC. All while being joined by a special guest!

Episode 35 – 21/06/2015

E3 is done and dusted for another year, and although Paul is sick and The International Business man is businessing things up, Graham and Steve are here for a nearly 3 hour bonanza, wrapping up pretty much everything that was announced last week. Plus, the gents run over some of the big releases coming for the rest of 2015! Catch a riiiiiiiiide!

Episode 34 – 14/06/2015

The boys head in to one of the year’s biggest weeks with the SIPTG E3 Prediction Making Spectacular! They also discuss Valve’s refund policy issues, the oddity of human existence that is John Cena’s rap album, and what to do with a free game you don’t want. Be sure to check in next week to see how accurate the predictions are!

Episode 33 – 07/06/2015

It would appear that Mike has finally fixed his computer woes, meaning that this is the first of (hopefully) many consecutive episodes without failures. The gang (minus Paul) is all here to talk about the week or so that was, including some hot pre-E3 announcements, some questionable game releases, and the early announcement of our Game with the Best Name award for 2015!

Also, here’s the trailer for that Japanese game with the totally bonkers name, which for reference is as follows:

Summertime High School. A Young Man’s Notes – How a New Exchange Student Like Myself Ran Into His Childhood Friend On The School Tour, Then For Some Reason Became Super-Popular With The Girls For His Daily Scoops On The School Photography Club Even Though He Only Takes Panty Shots, And What He Thinks As He Goes On Dates During His Summer Of Island School Life