Episode 29 – 26/04/2015

It may only be a two-man show this week, but we have 4 weeks of games and Netflixin’ to talk about! Graham and Steve talk about the Steam paid mods fiasco, everything they’ve played in the last 4 weeks (over 25 games!), and Nintendo’s complete cluelessness in dealing with the Internet!

What’s Been Going Wrong With Our Episodes Lately

So, this week’s episode has been lost as well. That makes 2 weeks in a row where we haven’t been able to publish an episode, which is pretty shitty. Less shitty is the fact that we’ve figured out what’s been going on, which means it (hopefully) shouldn’t happen in the future.

It turns out that Audacity, which we all use for recording the podcast and I use for editing it once we’re done, had been corrupting my project files. Nobody else’s, just mine. Having tried updating Audacity and messing around with the project files generated by the new version, it looks like that should do the trick. It’s not for sure though, so I’m going to arrange an alternative recording/editing option, just in case it all falls down again.

Once again, we’re sorry we can’t bring you an episode this week, but we should be back for real this week.