Episode 27 – 22/03/2015

This week, the boys try to find ways to cheer themselves up after a real downer of a news week. Mike holds a masterclass in the art of the pun, Steve falls down a horrific ‘wrestling’ hole, and we once again provide an update on MKX’s development. We also hold our first ever live drink test as Steve ventures into the wild world of iced tea.

Episode 26 – 15/03/2015

Mike’s back! We talk about his intergalactic journeys and game delays, marvel at insane digital download sizes, and question the domestic violence implications of MKX in a totally appropriate, non-offensive manner. All this, and Steve also yells at a bird through a window!

Episode 25 – 08/03/2015

A news heavy week sees Mike continuing his outer space odyssey and the rest of us lamenting the death of PC gaming for Steve, questioning Valve’s solutions to problems that don’t really exist, and adopting a new ‘thing’: tracking the progress of the Toejam and Earl Kickstarter

Episode 24 – 01/03/2015

Mike is out on intergalactic video game reporting duties, so Paul, Graham, and Steve convene to talk about all manners of Internet trolling, the fine art of the segue, the viability of rhythm games in 2015, and, of course, more MKX news! Live Long and Prosper!