Episode 20 – 18/01/2015

Paul’s out this week, but everyone else decided to show up for a return to the Should I Play This Game Podcast proper. We briefly recap our holidays, talk about the events of the past week, and read out an ’email’.

Note: You might be thinking “where’s episode 19?” In order to make sure our episode numbers accurately reflect the number of episodes we’ve made, the Game of the Year episode is also known as episode 19. There is no secret episode 19.

It’s Almost Time

We’re all back this week for our first episode of the podcast for 2015!

We’ll be recording our look back at 2014 this Sunday, January 11. Make sure to check it out, as we hand out a whole bunch of entirely fake, somewhat serious awards to their rightful winners (or dubious losers). Expect to see the episode available for download late Sunday night (Melbourne time).