PAX AUS Meetup

Paul, Graham, and Mike (sorry, not Steve) will be at PAX Australia this weekend. We know that at least one person is keen on a podcast listener meetup, so here’s the deal.

We’re still an amateur operation, so we have in no way booked anything for this. The plan is that the three of us will be on the lawn inside PAX in front of the Exhibition Centre at 12 noon on Saturday. That’s here:

In order to aid you finding us on the day, here’s a picture of Mike’s face:



Keep an eye on our Twitter account @shouldiplaythis for updates during the weekend from the team.

Episode 13 – 26/10/2014

We’re back in our regular timeslot and still a man down, but we have a listener email this week to make up for it. It’s been 10 days since our last episode, so there’s a bit to talk about, including Hatred trailers, Assassin’s Creed Unity’s lofty PC requirements, and the man with all the knives.