Episode 2 – 20/07/2014

We gather, yet again, to discuss more Mortal Kombat X nonsense. Also featured: Dota 2, Tekken 7, and the sad state of affairs at Microsoft.

We’re ironing out the issues with our recording technique. Also, please be advised that we’re off for a few weeks. I’m off to Italy for an international sports tournament, and the other guys have some things keeping them busy during that time as well. The next episode will be on August 17.

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Some Questions

Nobody really asked me these questions, but the answers will be helpful regardless.

Is the podcast in iTunes?

Not yet. The RSS feed has been created (about 2 hours prior to this) and it just needs to go through submission to iTunes. It’ll be soon.

What’s up with the audio quality?

We’re using a pretty tricky recording technique. Trying to record a 4-way conversation over the internet isn’t the easiest thing to get right. We’re each recording ourselves while we’re on a Google Hangout, then I edit the 4 individual audio files into 1 final audio file, which is the finished episode.

Also, considering we’re 2 episodes in, we haven’t made a call to go and buy high quality microphones just yet.

This website is pretty sparse, isn’t it?


My intention was to get the podcast out there, so we can start to (hopefully) build an audience. The website, like the podcast, will grow and improve over time.

Episode 1 – 13/07/2014

In the first ever episode of the Should I Play This Game Podcast Mike, Steve, Paul, and Graham discuss everything from competitive fighting game tournaments to insane Mortal Kombat marketing opportunities.

Here it is. Episode 1 of the Should I Play This Game Podcast. A couple of disclaimers:

  1. I know the audio quality isn’t exactly the best. We’re actually recording this individually, while talking over a Google Hangout. We’re constantly working on making the timing and recording better.
  2. It’s missing cool stuff other podcasts have, like intro music etc. All that good stuff is on the way. I just wanted to get this out the door so we can actually get people excited about it.

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Hello, and welcome.

Hello, and welcome to Should I Play This Game? (or Should I Play This Game dot com). This site is all about video games, as told by a bunch of guys who are trying to fit them in around their day-to-day lives. The team behind Should I Play This Game is:

Mike Jeffcott – working full-time as a software tester in Melbourne, playing and training for ultimate frisbee a few times a week, trying to play games wherever possible
Steve Francis – working full-time as a teacher in Perth, mostly playing fighting games, having occasional obsessions with epic fantasy adventure games
Paul Pham – gave up full-time study to try making games in Melbourne, often play-testing, remembering some people are colourblind
Graham Banks – working full-time in IT in a hospital in Hobart, meddling with every modern console, occasionally upside-down in video chat

Things are a little bare-bones around here right now, but that will soon change.

This site is built around one idea: to have a video game podcast tailored more toward the everyman. The working stiff. The 9-to-5ers. Episode 1 is up and ready to go, and episode 2 is on the way. Head over to the Podcast page to check it out.

There will also be some visual changes to the site in the coming weeks. I just really wanted to get this podcast out there.

Stick around. It only gets better from here.