SIPTG 176: E3 2019 Review: Out Now (17/06/2019)

E3 is in the rear view, so now it’s time to talk about what was shown! Graham and Steve go over all of the announcements from Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Square-Enix, and Nintendo, as well as their impressions of it all! What was good? What was awful? And who won? Find out!‬

Show Notes:
Intro: ->2m2s
Microsoft: 2m2s -> 43m20s
Bethesda: 43m20s -> 1h3m27s
Ubisoft: 1h3m27s -> 1h25m35s
Square Enix: 1h25m35s -> 1h42m7s
Nintendo: 1h42m7s-> 2h1m30s
Wrap up: 2h1m30s->

SIPTG 175: E3 2019 preview presented by The Loud Man (9/06/2019)

Ya boys are back in the building to talk all things E3, including all of the important pre-show leaks, news, and announcements, before launching into another year’s predictions! What do we get right (probably not much…)? What do we get wrong (likely a lot…)? Join us to find out!

Show Notes:
Intro and pre e3 News: ->39m12s
Microsoft: 39m12s -> 1h9m35s
Bethesda: 1h9m35s -> 1h1613s
Ubisoft: 1h16m13s -> 1h40m17s
Microsoft (Part 2): 1h40m17s -> 1h45m58s
Square Enix: 1h45m58s -> 1h57m38s
Nintendo: 1h57m38s-> 2h6m5s
General and final thoughts: 2h6m5s ->

SIPTG 138: Sorry… (again): An E3 Tale (18/06/2018)

E3 is in the rear-view, so now Graham and Steve can wax poetic and all of the happenings that came out of the show! How close were their predictions? What was good? What was bad? And much more! ‬

Show Notes:
Intro: -> 2m7s
EA: 2m7s
Microsoft: 28m1s
Bethesda: 1h15m58s
Square Enix: 1h42m39s
Ubisoft: 1h52m41s
Sony: 2h22m8s
Other Predictions and Devolver Digital: 2h53m18s
Nintendo: 2h55m9s
Wrap up: 3h14m6s ->

SIPTG 137: Sorry…. (04/06/2018)

What started as a modest normal episode with some E3 predictions turned into a three and a half hour monster! Between all of the leaks and everything else E3, returning to Egypt and Feudal Japan, PUBG’s Korean lawsuit, and David Cage’s Robocop, there’s a lot to be explored!‬

Show Notes:
Intro and Games: -> 37:05

News: 37:05 -> 58:04
Beginning of the End: 58:04 ->

Episode 100 – 05/06/2017

Graham and Steve go nuts with the E3 predictions, resulting in a monster of a podcast this week! Also: petitioning Far Cry 5, Hitman possibly Hitmanning again, trips to Thrilltopia, and fightin’ them DC boys!‬

Episode 77 – E3 2016 Review Extravaganza! – 20/06/2016

E3 has come and gone for another year, so Graham and Steve look back at all of the craziness in the second annual E3 Review Extravaganza! Other than the conferences, the boys dig into who owns the Sky, disruptive puppies, and watching overs. #SayNoToUbiE3

Episode 76 – E3 2016 Predictions Spectacular! – 13/06/2016

E3 is fast approaching, so it is once again time for the SIPTG E3 Predictions Spectacular! But it’s not just about the future, as the boys touch on robotic nostalgia, wrestling (again), and what happens when free time is returned! Come along for the ride!

Should I Play This Game – E3 2016 Predictions

This a copy of the Google Document, Steve and Graham reference during there E3 predictions episode :

EA : Sunday 1pm (US PDT), Monday 6am (AEST), Monday 4am (WST)
Graham Steve
Mass Effect Remaster of Burnout Paradise OR Paradise 2
Madden NBA Live
Battlefield-Gameplay #Sk4te
Titanfall 2-Gameplay and Date
FIFA-Gameplay showing off Frostbite engine
Next game from Criterion
No Need for Speed game
2 New IPs: 1 of 2017,1 for 2018
Stars Wars (not battlefront hopefully Amy Hennig or Jade Raymond game)
Unravel Sequel trailer

Bethesda : Sunday 7pm (US PDT), Monday noon (AEST), Monday 10 am (WST)
Prey 2 Rage 2/Quake Reboot
Wolfenstein the new order sequel
Fallout 4 Mods for PS4
Fallout DLC (after the upped the price of the season pass)
Fallout Shelter expansion
Skyrim remaster for console (including DLC and Mod support) out this year
The Evil Within sequel
No New IP
Dishonored 2

Microsoft : Monday 9am (US PDT), Tuesday 2am (AEST), Monday/Tuesday midnight (WST)
Graham Steve
X1 slim price and date Dark Souls 3 DLC exclusive
X1 Scorpio-minor details of specs, no date (but sometime 2017), no price, mention of deal/talks with Oculus Between 3-5 New IP/Unannounced games
New controller featuring microphone to allow voice control of Dashboard RDR Remaster rather than B/C
No Sales numbers they will state other metrics, live members, backwards compatibility
Forza (should be Horizons-rumour its set in Australia)
PC gaming on Windows 10
No HoloLens stuff
Xbox preview will get a mention
Halo 6 teaser-due out next year
Halo Wars 2 (confirm recent rumor of MP beta)-date for this year
Gears of War 4-Extended Gameplay
ReCore gameplay-Date Feb/March 2017
Crackdown 3 gameplay-MP Beta, out this year
Sea of thieves gameplay-No date (2017)
Cuphead release date (this year)
Below release date (this year)
Xbox Live Arcade to return-promotion like summer/winter arcade to return, headlined by Cuphead/Below
Red Dead Redemption sequel,-original via Backwards Compatibility (would prefer original on PC re-mastered)
New Unannounced IPs some to hit this year, none this year
Limited Original Xbox games added to Backwards compatible
State of Decay sequel
Exclusive game in the style of Bloodborne
Dead Rising sequel
ID@Xbox Showcase

Ubisoft : Monday 1pm (US PDT), Tuesday 6am (AEST), Tuesday 4am (WST)
Graham Steve
Watch_Dogs 2 #FuckVivendi
Ghost Recon : Wildlands New South Park game footage
That weird game from last year where you riding a bear-Wild???? Beyond Good and Evil 2
New IP for 2017 Previous Gen AC remastered collection
No Just Dance/motion/rhythm game this year Ubiart-New Rayman, Up to 3
For Honor
Cosplaying plant in the crowd

Sony : Monday 6pm (US PDT), Tuesday 11am (AEST), Tuesday 9am (WST)
The Last (fucking) Guardian-gets a release date New SFV DLC, New Season Pass
Tomb Raider on PS4 Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay/release date
They have confirmed Neo (PS4.5) anything mentioned, price drop of currently model Last of Us 2
God of War 4 Infinite Warfare gameplay
To much time spent on PSVR Indie Corner : Hyper Light Drifter, Ronin, Stardew Valley 3 to 5 PS4 releases of PC Indie games, 2 to 3 new Indie Announcements
Knack 2 sequel New Firmware update info
No mention of PS Vita 3 to 5 Exclusive/New announcements
Single Player DLC for Uncharted 4 New Kojima game
Next game from Sucker Punch Something with Rocket League (although could be Gamescom)
New IP from Naughty Dog Destiny DLC
Shenmue III

Third Party's announcements - Sony or Microsoft conferences
Warner Brothers-Shadow of Mordor sequel (Sony) Local release of Puyo Puyo tetris/Tetris Battle Gaiden
Warner Brothers-Injustice sequel (Sony)
Square Enix-Deus Ex (Microsoft)
Deep Silver-Agents of Mayhem (saints row spinoff game)
CD Projekt Red-Gwent standalone and/or footage from there new game Cyberpunk 2077
Mafia III- Microsoft
Next game from Remedy-Max Payne sequel (on Microsoft, but released multi platform)
Marvel Heroes for Consoles
Yooka-Laylee (Microsoft)
Final Fantasy (Sony)

Graham Steve
Weird/Awkward presentations-19.5 Over Over
And its available now/after the conference-4.5 Over Under
Shitty exclusivity deals, that won't be clear when the finish-3.5 Under Under